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Here are some books we recommend as an introduction to clear writing and design. If you want to buy one, you can click and go to The Simplification Centre will then get a commission through the Amazon Associates programme, which will make a useful contribution to our expenses.

Overview of information design
Dynamics in Document Design: Creating Texts for Readers (Wiley Technical Communication Library)
Karen A. Schriver

A document design classic. Although it dates from before the web took off it is still essential reading if you can get hold of a copy.

The Information Design Handbook
Jenn and Ken Visocky O Grady

A great introduction to the field.

Envisioning Information
Edward R. Tufte

A classic from the guru of visualization

Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts
Marie Neurath, Robin Kinross

The transformer is the key interpretative role in simplification. The role was first defined by Otto and Marie Neurath of the Isotype Institute - pioneers of visual communication.

How language works
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
David Crystal

A comprehensive introduction to language by the best communicator in the field.

Mother Tongue: The Story of the English Language
Bill Bryson

Entertaining, as you\'d expect, but an excellent introduction to the history of English.

Science of visual design (the brain, cognition, perception)
Clear writing
Legal Language
Peter Tiersma

My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be Me?): Old-School Ways to Sharpen Your English
Caroline Taggart, J. A. Wines

This is a readable and light-hearted book for people who lack confidence about grammar. It is being taught again in school, but for quite a while grammar was out of fashion.

Typographic layout and practice
Type and Typography (Portfolio)
Phil Baines, Andrew Haslam

Diagramming and data visualisation
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics: The Dos and Don\'ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures
Dona M Wong

The new edition of Dona Wong\'s essential, authoritative and usable guide to presenting data with integrity. How to do it, and how not to do it.

Empathy with the user
Interactive design (web, usability, dynamic documents)
Designing Interfaces
Jenifer Tidwell

Forms design
Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability (Interactive Technologies)
Caroline Jarrett, Gerry Gaffney

A great introduction to the practicalities of creating effective forms.

Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks
Luke Wroblewski

The best introduction to online forms, generalizable to all online experiences.

The Form Book: Best Practice in Creating Forms for Printed and Online Use
Borries Schwesinger

Excellent manual for forms design – history, theory, examples and a detailed library of design elements.