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Simple Action reports


Simple Action 1: Penalty charge notice

If you drive in the UK, the chances are that you will have received a Penalty Charge Notice at some point (if you haven’t, well done). If you stray into a bus lane, or park for too long,  or park in the wrong place, you will get an official notice that’s as challenging a read as you can imagine. This report demonstrates how basic principles of simplification can make these notices much easier to understand.

Simple Action 2: Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreements are important documents, but they are surprisingly varied in content, language and design. There is currently no standard (although the UK government has recently announced it is working on a model agreement), so we spent a day rethinking tenancy agreements. In this report we show two proposals, both easily convertible from conventional agreements. Both of them see the primary audience as the tenant and landlord, rather than the law court they might end up in if the relationship goes wrong.

Simple Action 1 report coverSimple Action 2 report cover