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The Oxford comma in the news

The Oxford comma, or serial comma, is a comma inserted in a list before the final ‘and’ or ‘or’: ‘Apples, oranges, bananas, and pears’ has a serial comma. ‘Apples, oranges, bananas and pears’ does not. It can seem like one of those punctuation pedantries which does not matter in real life, but it’s recently appeared in  Continue Reading »

Brilliant new guidance on unfair contract terms

Full marks to the Competition and Markets Authority for a great new initiative to help businesses understand the Consumer Rights Act 2015. They found through a survey that fewer than half of businesses understood their obligations, so now they’ve produced some clear guides about the key issues, including videos which you can view on YouTube.  Continue Reading »

Consumer Rights and transparency

In my post of 5 October I posed a series of questions arising from the new Consumer Rights Act. The first was: How can companies comply with the transparency requirement? This is defined in the Act as plain intelligible language, and legibility. Is there a set of standards that could be applied by the courts, or  Continue Reading »

Consumer Rights Act 2015: legibility

On the same day the Consumer Rights Act 2015 came into force, I received a set of revised terms and conditions for my Tesco Credit card, spelling out my new consumer rights. It is written in (mostly) plain English, which is good. But it is entirely set in 6pt type. Which is not good. This is  Continue Reading »

Our 2015 summer school

The 2015 summer school has just ended and we’re getting great feedback in from the participants. It’s good to see that they are pretty happy with the experience they had (leaving aside the problem with hot water in the university accommodation – we escaped the blame for that). “It was the most engaging and inspiring course  Continue Reading »