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Our 2015 summer school

The 2015 summer school has just ended and we’re getting great feedback in from the participants. It’s good to see that they are pretty happy with the experience they had (leaving aside the problem with hot water in the university accommodation – we escaped the blame for that). “It was the most engaging and inspiring course  Continue Reading »

Vodafone’s shameful ‘simplicity’ claim

‘Pay as you go pricing just got simpler… no more complicated pricing by the second – just clear, straightforward per minute charges’. So reads Vodafone’s notification of a forthcoming tariff change to its customers. Hmm. If you make a Vodafone pay-as-you-go call today that lasts 1 minute and 1 second, you are charged for 1  Continue Reading »

As simple as possible but no simpler

There’s a nice quotation attributed to Albert Einstein: “Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler”. When we set up the Simplification Centre a few years ago, I used this in a prospectus and wanted to check if he really said it. This soon showed the limits of Googling: the quote appeared many times  Continue Reading »

Being damn well simple

One of my favourite quotes about simplification: ‘The one great thing was simplification. Simplification by organization, simplification by condensation and also simplification by being damn well simple.’ It’s by Henry Luce, founder of Time magazine, quoted in The New Yorker, 19 April 2010, page 81. And from an early prospectus, quoted in the same article by Jill Lepore: ‘TIME  Continue Reading »

Friends Life simplify their business… apparently

We’ll be making a point in this blog of reviewing documents or brands that make claims to be simple. Look for the ‘simple claims’ category. Next up is Friends Life, who sent my elderly father-in-law a booklet called ‘Simplifying Our Business’. Friends Life have several different limited companies managing their various financial products, because they  Continue Reading »