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Vodafone’s shameful ‘simplicity’ claim

‘Pay as you go pricing just got simpler… no more complicated pricing by the second – just clear, straightforward per minute charges’. So reads Vodafone’s notification of a forthcoming tariff change to its customers. Hmm. If you make a Vodafone pay-as-you-go call today that lasts 1 minute and 1 second, you are charged for 1  Continue Reading »

Join the Privacy Icons Legal Hackathon

This Friday evening (November 16th) some of us are planning to join in a hackathon in San Francisco. Don’t worry, it’s by remote access. And if you look to the end of this post, you’ll find how you can help out at any time. The problem being addressed is the small print about privacy and  Continue Reading »

Friends Life simplify their business… apparently

We’ll be making a point in this blog of reviewing documents or brands that make claims to be simple. Look for the ‘simple claims’ category. Next up is Friends Life, who sent my elderly father-in-law a booklet called ‘Simplifying Our Business’. Friends Life have several different limited companies managing their various financial products, because they  Continue Reading »

Simple truths about small print

I recently posted about the work of Ivan Horabin and Brian Lewis on flow charts to display complex rules and regulations. Their 1978 book Algorithms includes some sharp observations about our attitude to rules that have become so complex we can’t possibly understand them (the bold emphasis is mine). It is obvious that a person  Continue Reading »

Two texts and a diagram

Last year we received a short booklet from Thames Water about changes in the law concerning the responsibility for sewer pipes – in the past the home owner has technically been responsible for the pipe from their home up to the point where it meets the sewer in the road. Last year the water company  Continue Reading »