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The Simplification Centre is a registered charity (number 1154741).

Our programme is steered by a distinguished Advisory Board, who bring a range of valuable perspectives and experience in relevant areas of practice, education and research.

We have a network of volunteers who come together for Simple Action days: creative sessions where we work together to challenge and simplify difficult communications in common use. Our volunteers are communication professionals or students – if you would like to join in, write to us at Our volunteers are listed on the People page.

We partner with other organizations including:

Information Design Association
International Institute for Information Design (IIID)



The Simplification Centre was launched at the University of Reading, based in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, a leading centre for research and teaching. We became an independent organization from 1 April 2011.

You can read more about our first two years in this report: The first two years: 2009-2010.


Dr Rob Waller

Advisory Board

Hugh Huddy, Royal National Institute of Blind People

Professor Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Prof Clive Richards, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (Trustee)

Professor Teal Triggs, Royal College of Art

Alan Wells OBE (Trustee and Chair)

John Willmer, HM Revenue & Customs