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  • Rob Waller

    Rob has been working to make communications clearer for over thirty years, and his career has combined academic research, design teaching and design consultancy. He has developed clear communications for many well known names in the private and public sectors. His blog and publications can be found at

  • Will Stahl-Timmins

    Will is an information designer and researcher. His main interest is in using information graphics, interactive media, and visual communication to promote understanding of scientific data in non-expert audiences. Currently, he works as an Associate Research Fellow for the University of Exeter, at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. His research there involves assessing the effects of differing information presentations on knowledge transfer, memory, and behaviour. You can keep up to date with his work at

  • Clive Richards

    Clive Richards

    Clive Richards is President of the International Institute for Information Design, and Visiting Professor at the University of Brighton. Author of numerous research papers, he is an experienced designer and design educator, and has been extensively involved with national and international professional bodies. Until 2009 he was Professor of Information Design at Coventry University and he is now the Director of Research at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

  • Jeremy Myerson

    Jeremy Myerson

    Jeremy Myerson is Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art, which has a worldwide reputation for inclusive and people-centred design. Jeremy was the founder editor of DesignWeek magazine and is the author of more than a dozen books on design. As holder of the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design, he has a remit to encourage 'design that improves quality of life

  • Jenny Waller

    Jenny Waller

    Jenny Waller is an information writer and educator, who has worked extensively in industry, managing change communications programmes and developing information architecture for sets of complex content. She is an experienced teacher and trainer and developed the Cert HE in Information Design at Reading University. She has an MBA from Cranfield University and is completing a PhD at the University of Reading.

  • Jeanne-Louise Moys

    Jeanne-Louise Moys

    Jeanne-Louise is a designer, educator and researcher. Her professional interests lie in ensuring the presentation of information is meaningful and usable.

  • Teal Triggs

    Teal Triggs

    Professor Teal Triggs is Associate Dean in the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art, and Adjunct Professor, RMIT, Australia. As a graphic design historian and educator she has authored numerous books and articles on design. Her research is interdisciplinary, combining social science and design-led solutions. Her recent work focuses on the role of information in public spaces and community-based learning.