We're a non-profit, promoting clear information for citizens and customers.

Our lives are run by complex information – forms, contracts, bills, user guides, and so on.

Many of us struggle with documents and websites. We make mistakes because we're rushed, over-optimistic, sick, confused or worried. Or perhaps we just aren't confident with reading.

The Simplification Centre helps organisations to make complex information clear, through guidance, advocacy, education and research.

We go beyond plain English, and use design thinking, typography, diagramming and testing to make information better.

Explaining the summer school: Rob Waller online 7 April

Rob Waller will give an online talk about the Summer School on 7 April at 3pm UK time. He'll show how it works, how it integrates (only useful) theory with practice, and what kind of people attend. If you're thinking about coming, register for this event to find out more and sample the atmosphere and approach.

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IIID Conversations – a new online community

The IIID (International Institute for Information Design) is starting a new series of online conversations called, as you might expect... IIID Conversations. Each one focuses on an information designer who will share their work and ideas. Then they are interviewed, leading to a general discussion.

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The summer school is back for 2022

The Summer School is back in its online form for 2022.

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