We're a non-profit, promoting clear information for citizens and customers.

Our lives are run by complex information – forms, contracts, bills, user guides, and so on.

Many of us struggle with documents and websites. We make mistakes because we're rushed, over-optimistic, sick, confused or worried. Or perhaps we just aren't confident with reading.

The Simplification Centre helps organisations to make complex information clear, through guidance, advocacy, education and research.

We go beyond plain English, and use design thinking, typography, diagramming and testing to make information better.

Try to Forgetica

Sans Forgetica, a font designed to improve memory for what you've read, was announced by the Australian university RMIT in 2018 with a major publicity drive... but before the research results had been peer-reviewed. They still have not appeared, but studies by other scholars have now appeared, with negative results. It turns out that whole project was devised by RMIT's advertising agency to generate interest amongst prospective students.

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Information design and academic disciplines

What academic disciplines are relevant to information designers and why.

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Improved but nowhere near OK

Last July the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK reported on a remarkably thorough study of evidence-based ways to improve the understanding of consumer contracts. Seems very welcome but there are problems lurking beneath the surface

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