We're a non-profit, promoting clear information for citizens and customers.

Our lives are run by complex information – forms, contracts, bills, user guides, and so on.

Many of us struggle with documents and websites. We make mistakes because we're rushed, over-optimistic, sick, confused or worried. Or perhaps we just aren't confident with reading.

The Simplification Centre helps organisations to make complex information clear, through guidance, advocacy, education and research.

We go beyond plain English, and use design thinking, typography, diagramming and testing to make information better.

UK Supreme Court changes its font: Twitter fusses

A change of font by the UK's Supreme Court sparks debate – but what's more important is whether the layout reveals the content structure and makes a document easier to use.

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Outcomes from reading: memory, understanding and use

What are we expected to do with information we are given – there's an often overlooked distinction between memory, understanding and use of documents.

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Veronika Egger summer school lecture

"Designing for inclusive environments – how information design connects the dots". Veronika Egger will give a guest lecture to the Information Design Summer School on June 22 at 12 noon (UK). It's open to all.

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