We're a non-profit, promoting clear information for citizens and customers.

Our lives are run by complex information – forms, contracts, bills, user guides, and so on.

Many of us struggle with documents and websites. We make mistakes because we're rushed, over-optimistic, sick, confused or worried. Or perhaps we just aren't confident with reading.

The Simplification Centre helps organisations to make complex information clear, through guidance, advocacy, education and research.

We go beyond plain English, and use design thinking, typography, diagramming and testing to make information better.

2019 Summer School announced!

The 2019 Information Design Summer School will be 2–6 September. We will be going back to the fabulous architecture studio at the University of Bath. It's an intensive week of lectures, discussions, and group-working.

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Our new website

We've updated our website, which had become very old and creaky. The new one doesn't look too different but is responsive. It's a soft launch so forgive the inevitable bugs and let us know if you spot any problems - we've launched without being able to test on all devices.

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More on illegible fonts and learning

Several people got in touch about Sans Forgetica, and it seems that this is not the first time sub-legible fonts have been used in attempts to affect cognition. Unfortunately the earlier studies could not be replicated, and there are conclusions to be drawn about the wisdom of extrapolating the results of experiments to the real world too quickly.

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