We're a non-profit, promoting clear information for citizens and customers.

Our lives are run by complex information – forms, contracts, bills, user guides, and so on.

Many of us struggle with documents and websites. We make mistakes because we're rushed, over-optimistic, sick, confused or worried. Or perhaps we just aren't confident with reading.

The Simplification Centre helps organisations to make complex information clear, through guidance, advocacy, education and research.

We go beyond plain English, and use design thinking, typography, diagramming and testing to make information better.

There be dragons

Is really a big deal that no one can understand the small print? Would they really want to read it if it were larger, shorter and clearer? Or are they not entitled to trust brands and regulators – the usual strategy for most people?

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Contract design for humans

Our new paper ‘Contract design for humans: preventing cognitive accidents’ argues that the issue of legalese and the small print is about duty of care and risk assessment, not just clear language and design.

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Truthful declarations

It's been called the 'greatest lie' – we're constantly being asked to confirm that we have 'read and understood' stuff we can't possibly read and will never understand. But here's a wording we could all agree to.

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