The 2018 Summer School

summer school
Rob Waller

The 2018 Information Design Summer School was held in the fabulous architecture studio at the University of Bath. It's an intensive week of lectures, discussions, and group-working. The projects are based on real problems brought to the summer school by participants, or by outside 'clients'.

Here's the 2018 group – you can see legal professionals, health educators, technical writers and psychologists as well as designers. They're from the UK, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, Poland, and Romania.

Here's some of the lovely feedback we got from them:

"A unique experience, which was formed by a unique location, talented participants, great lecturers and rewarding group project. Definitely a memory that will never fade."
"It made my path as an information designer even more clear."
"It was inspiring, intense and refreshing! I enjoyed it a lot!"
"A stimulating, thought-provoking week learning with and from others."
"It was refreshing and educational to spend a week with experts in so many fields, all sharing a common drive to make knowledge plain to others."
"Make it longer!"
"It was a wonderful, inspiring time. I refreshed my teaching potential and I see new challenges.”
"A huge thank you for the summer school week. It was truly an honour to hear Rob, Karel, Jorge, Guillermina, Clive and Jenny and all the other talks about so many topics. Inspiring doesn't do the week justice."

The great thing about this programme is that we all make friends for life – for something that's so vital, information design is a surprisingly small community, and it's great to have a network of contacts with such wide experience.

Go to the Summer School page to find out more.

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