Our new website

Rob Waller

Our website has been very old and creaky for some time now - not responsive, and victim of too many Wordpress updates which had damaged our customised plugins. The new one doesn't look too different but should work on more devices, and will be easier to keep updated.

It's what they call a 'soft launch' - we're going ahead even though it's still a work in progress. We'll be adding more graphics over the next few weeks, and also restoring a lot of older blog posts which still have value.

We've used a package called Webflow for this - it's a lot easier for non-technical designers to use than Wordpress, so it's saved us spending a lot of money on technical support. The downside is that commenting on blog posts has gone. We had very few of those, but please email us if you'd like to comment and we'll find a way to include your comments. Or we might just suggest we continue the debate in the IIID's LinkedIn discussion group.

Please let us know of you spot any issues such as failing links, or bad formatting.

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