The 2017 Summer School: what people said

summer school, education
Rob Waller

Every year we ask people to give us feedback via an anonymous survey, and at the end we ask if they'd like to write a message for us to use in publicising the next course. This is what they said:

'I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days at the information design summer school. The quality of instruction, variety of topics covered, and the professors' depth of experience was beyond expectation.'
'An intensive and amazingly inspiring course! A great starting point to exploring the world of information design.'
'The best thing about the course was the friendliness of the whole group. Rob and co really cared about developing us all as information designers. Such support and encouragement I cannot remember ever coming across in other training or education experiences.'
'Enjoy the possibility of sharing your projects during one week with renowned information designers Robert Waller, Karel van der Waarde, Clive Richards and plain language expert Jenny Waller.'
'We live in a cluttered world where meaning is difficult to find. Information Design is the skill which helps writers and designers extract meaning from chaotic instructions, lengthy descriptive text, contractual documents or opaque statistics. Information Design brings simplicity, clarity and understanding to our daily existence.'
'The summer school in Bath was really inspiring. I had the opportunity to meet interesting people, really good tutors and also attendees from very diverse fields. Sharing experience and finding common problems encouraged rich conversations, full of hints and suggestions both practical and theoretical. It's highly recommended for anyone who deals with information.'
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