Veronika Egger summer school lecture

Rob Waller

We're including guest lectures in our summer school programme this year. Veronika Egger of isdesign (and IIID President Elect) will speak on "Designing for inclusive environments – how information design connects the dots".
Most years the summer school includes a wayfinding project, but not this year, as we're online - so it will be great to hear Veronika speak about inclusivity in the context of wayfinding.

She says "Almost always when we are commissioned to design for orientation and wayfinding we work within existing environments and systems. And almost always our initial analysis highlights issues that don’t concern wayfinding at all. This short talk is about how we approach our projects with the goal of creating better places for everyone."

Veronika's talk is at 12 noon (UK time) on Tuesday 22 June. It's open access – if you would like to join us please email for the link:

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